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Mariana Meza, Registered Dietitian Healthfoodness

Mariana, the founder of Healthfoodness, is a Registered Dietitian with a strong background in clinical nutrition.

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    Medical Nutrition Therapy
    Understand Your Body,
    Nourish Yourself.
    There are many different ways to eat well and feel your best.
    We will help you find the way that suits you.
    Let's work together
  • Healthfoodness Commitment
    Discover your
    Discover the transformative power of education and knowledge,
    as we guide you to become the best version of yourself.

    Embrace a healthier, happier life and a brighter future
    with our expert guidance and wholesome offerings.
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  • Functional Medicine
    Boost Your Health
    Find Your Balance.
    Increase your energy, support your immune system, improve your digestion,
    boost your mood, balance your hormones, and heal your relationship with food.
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Welcome to Healthfoodness

Mariana Meza, CNS, MS, RD, LD

Mariana, the founder of Healthfoodness, is a Registered Dietitian with a strong background in clinical nutrition.

She has more than 23 years of diverse, well-rounded experience in nutrition, food formulation, research, and health education.
With a bachelor’s degree in Food Chemistry, a BS in Nutrition, a MS in Clinical Nutrition, and Functional Medicine (IFM) courses, Mariana has developed a strong scientific and analytical approach to human health and wellness.

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My Passion is...

Help People Live Longer, Healthier Lives.

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How We Can Make It Possible

We Restore Your Balance
To Reach Your Full Potential.

A deep understanding of your health, placing you at the center, to address a full range of possibilities that can cause health issues.

We offer three Healthfoodness services:

1. FEED PROGRAM: Our Balance Wheel Education. Current best evidence-based nutrition and wellness education in your hands to make the best decisions for you and your family. Decide with the freedom of knowledge.

2. SEED PROGRAM: Our Medical Nutrition Therapy. A Supportive process to set priorities, establish goals, and create individualized action plans to treat and prevent disease

3. ROOT PROGRAM: Our Functional Medicine Therapy. A collaborative approach to assess and treat the body as a "whole" seeking to address the ROOT causes of poor health.


SEED - Happy Customers


ROOT - Happy Customers


FEED - Happy Customers


Working Together

I am so glad that I happened upon this nutritionist. I have gained so much confidence and knowledge about how to feed my body. I appreciate everything Mariana has taught me. She has been patient with me and she is always supportive. I want to say thank you for all your hard work and support.
Sara C. May 2023

How does it work?

Our Nutrition Counseling Services

Enriched nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can boost your health by keeping a track well-balanced diet plan.

Don’t hesitate, contact us for better help and services. Explore More Services

What We Plan

Our Plans & Price

We have set different therapy and meal plans for our clients. They can choose any of them from our services as per their convenient price.

FEED Program

Nutrition Assessment
With 1 Session
  • 1 Month 24/7 AI Chat support
  • InBody 770 Composition Analysis
  • Medical Nutrition Assessment
  • Complete Nutrition Plan
  • 1 Yr Online Access Materials

ROOT Program

Functional Medicine
With 12 Sessions
  • 6 Months 24/7 AI Chat support
  • InBody 770 Composition Analysis
  • Functional Medicine Therapy
  • Complete Nutrition Plan
  • 1 Yr Online Access Materials

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